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Felice Quinto, known as ‘king of the paparazzi’ and model for ‘La Dolce Vita’ character, diesFelice Quinto, a renowned celebrity photographer and the likely model for the character Paparazzo in Federi Continue reading Celebrity photographer Felice Quinto dies at 80

Playwright Romulus Linney Dies at 80

Romulus Linney, a prolific playwright whose work ranged from stories set in Appalachia to the Nuremberg trials, has died in New York. He was 80.. … Continue reading Playwright Romulus Linney Dies at 80

Actress Anne Francis, best known for the 50s cult classic movie Forbidden Planet, has died aged 80.. . Francis had complications of pancreatic … Continue reading Honey West and Forbidden Planet actress Anne Francis dies at 80

‘Entertainment Tonight’ creator dies at 80

The Hollywood producer who created “Entertainment Tonight,” “Star Search,” “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” “Solid Gold,” and numerous other TV … Continue reading 'Entertainment Tonight' creator dies at 80

80 Days – 3 Million iPads Sold: Is It Miracle?

These days Apple has the right to boast concerning its iPad sales – they are being sold like hotcakes. It has been officially declared that for the first 80 days after iPads appearance for sale it has already been bought 3 million devices. We realize that the volume of sales is really amazing. When Apple [...] Continue reading 80 Days – 3 Million iPads Sold: Is It Miracle?