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M30286 260x195 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Academy Award’s Oscars…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Oscars

10. Marilyn Monroe may have famously sung Happy Birthday to JFK in 1962, but 1953’s Best Actress Oscar winning Audrey Hepburn’s version was the last one the President ever heard when she sang it for his last birthday in 1963.

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9. Theater owners were banned from selling snacks during the run of Ben Hur, 1959 Best Picture. The movie was deemed to be too much of an artistic event to be denigrated by popcorn and candy.

N18895 260x195 The Oscars: The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly!

Yes indeedy, once again it’s time for Hollywood’s annual dazzling extravaganza, the sparkling glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards! And for your pleasure, here are four delightful Oscar short films. First, we have “An Oscar Montage: Eighty Years of Memories,” which is is an engaging short film paying tribute to eighty years of Academy Award Memories. Then, we have “Highlights from Thirty Exciting Years of Oscars,” a three-minute short film, which highlights three decades at the Academy Awards. This is followed by a short experimental art film about The Oscar, “The Oscar: A Documentary.” And finally, we have a short film that humorously reviews some of the most abominable films ever produced, “Oscar Slumming: The Worst Cinematic Crap Ever Made.”

This piece presents colorful high-resolution photographs, as well as the four memorable short Oscar films.

Please visit my website to view the high-res. photographs, and to watch these delightfully engaging short films.


Oscar sets the stage for ladies night

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Academy Awards have long been dominated by men and their movies, but Hollywood’s women may steal the spotlight Sunday when the final curtain falls on the top film honors watched around the world. Kathryn Bigelow is the frontrunner to win the golden trophy dubbed Oscar for best director with Iraq war film “The Hurt Locker … Continue reading Oscar sets the stage for ladies night

Top Hollywood names not among Oscar voters

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Taylor Lautner isn’t a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Nor is Woody Allen. Nor is George Lucas. But Rupert Murdoch is. And so are Pedro Almodovar and Sacha Baron Cohen. Wade through a list of the Academy’s 5,777 voting members (or at least try, since the Academy pretty … Continue reading Top Hollywood names not among Oscar voters

Bullock, Bridges, Damon other Oscar nominees join crew presenting awards at ceremony Academy Awards front-runners Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges and at least four other nominees are hitting the Oscar stage as presenters. Joining Bridges and Bullock as Oscar presenters will be fellow acting nominees Matt Damon, Anna Kendrick and Carey Mulligan and directing contender Quentin Tarantino. Bridges is the … Continue reading Bullock, Bridges other nominees join Oscar crew