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The world’s largest sperm bank has just set a no-redheads policy by banning all red-haired donors from their gene pool. Well, we’re not down with that kind of ginger bashing, even if clients routinely prefer dark-haired donors. In response, here’s Moviefone’s list of the hottest redheaded actors in Hollywood.

One of the reasons we love going to the movies is to escape. Escape to another world, escape from the stresses of our everyday lives, escape from the mirrors that don’t make our beer bellies look smaller no matter how hard we suck it in. So now that ‘Warrior’ is here to guilt-trip us on the money we’re wasting on the gym… Continue reading Tom Hardy in 'Warrior' and More Actors Who Keep Reminding Us We're Out of Shape

Very occasionally, whether out of honesty, collaborative disagreement or garnering hype, some of these egos will publicly announce their disgust with their own projects. This article considers 15 of these actors and the work that they love to hate. Continue reading 15 Actors Who Dissed Their Own Movies

5 Actors Who Haven’t Aged Well

Think about the Leonardo DiCaprios and Scarlett Johanssons in Hollywood today. They’re on top of the world. Their movies are all hugely popular … Continue reading 5 Actors Who Haven't Aged Well

There are some actors who seem to play exactly the same character in every film they’ve ever been. Either through typecasting or choice, they always fall into the same type […] Continue reading 17 Actors Who Avoided Typecasting