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Orphan Black / Side Effects

Star Wars: Reportedly, Rooney Mara (Side Effects, above right) and Tatiana Maslany (TV’s Orphan Black, above left) are among a handful of actresses testing for the lead role in the first Star Wars standalone movie, to be directed by Gareth Edwards. Academy Award-nominated Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) is also under consideration for the starring role… Continue reading Movie News: Actresses Testing for Lead in 'Star Wars' Spin-Off; Watch Salma Hayek in First, Action-Packed 'Everly' Trailer

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Last Friday, we lost one of the great modern “that guy” actors, James Rebhorn (The Game; Meet the Parents). I’d call him a character actor, but I don’t consider him one. He wasn’t the most distinct performer, neither odd in his looks nor his manner… Continue reading Your Top Three: Favorite "That Guy" Actors and Actresses

Best Actresses: Was 2011 the Year of the Woman?

Another awards season, another round of complaints that there are few good roles for actresses, unless you’re Meryl Streep. And yet, this year’s awards-hopeful movies featured terrific performances by actresses in a wide variety of multifaceted roles. If anything, the 2011 crop of potential Best Actresses and Best Supporting Actresses include fully realized female characters who are much more fascinating than their male counterparts.

Actress Robin Wright (herself criminally overlooked for… Continue reading Best Actresses: Was 2011 the Year of the Woman?

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Hollywoodland Sign

Tomorrow is 11/11/11 — Remembrance Day times 3, or Veteran’s Day if you’re in the U.S. The day marks the official end of World War I… Continue reading Girls on Film: Remembering Actresses We Wish Were Around Today

Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston topped Forbes’ list of Top Ten highest-paid actresses this year, but did you vote for any of them at the ticket counter lately?

Julia Roberts, who just suffered a flop with ‘Larry Crowne’ and whose ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ also underperformed last year ranked fifth on the list with a still enviable $ 20 million, while the massive ‘Twilight’ films… Continue reading Are These Highly Paid Actresses Worth Your Money?