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Newlywed Katy Perry says that she is ‘a freak in the bed” for which, she believes, hubby Russell Brand would give her ten out of ten. The singer is confident her partner will never stray because she”s so good between the sheets. “Like Ludacris rapped, ”I”m a lady in the street and a freak in […] Continue reading I”m a freak in bed, admits Katy Perry

American actress Katherine Heigl has admitted of being a little too harsh at times and willing to change the way she expresses herself. “Yeah, I think that was fair,” the New York Daily News quoted Heigl of telling KTLA morning show. “It”s something I”ve spent a lot of time in the last year or so […] Continue reading Katherine Heigl admits having an ”image problem”

Amber Portwood — star of the MTV docu-soap Teen Mom — is finally admitting that she has a problem controlling her explosive temper and keeping her hands to herself after she berated and violently attacked boyfriend Gary Shirley in front of the couple’s young daughter, Leah, on Monday’s show.Although Amber says she’d like to get […] Continue reading “Teen Mom” Domestic Violence: Amber Admits Battering Boyfriend Gary; Police Investigate

Lindsay Lohan is owning up to being a cokehead and an idiot. Now let’s hope she gets the help she so desperately needs. In a series of updates to her Twitter page overnight, the recently-rehabbed starlet confirmed reports that she failed a court-ordered test last week — testing positive for cocaine — and could face […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Admits Failing Drug Test: “Addiction Does Not Go Away Overnight”

Supermodel Elle Macpherson has admitted that she loves food far too much to ever go on a diet. The mum-of-two would rather burn off calories through exercise. “I enjoy eating too much to give up my favourite foods,” the Daily Star quoted her as saying. “I”m more concerned with feeling fit and healthy than looking […] Continue reading Elle Macpherson admits she”s a big foodie