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Ronan Keating’s lover Francine had kept their affair as no secret, as she turned down date after date, saying that she and the pop star were now a couple.
The Boyzone star was thrown out by wife Yvonne last week after he broke down and confessed to his affair with the band’s dancer.
What Yvonne didn’t know [...] Continue reading Ronan Keating’s affair was an open secret

David Boreanaz, the famous actor, finally accepts that he had an affair with another woman and that he was irresponsible because of which he had problems in his married life. Now he hopes to saves his marriage.
David Boreanaz said that he is speaking now because the woman, whom he had affair with, was blackmailing him. [...] Continue reading David Boreanaz to Have an Affair with Another Woman

Leave it to Courtney Love to open up her cracked-out flytrap about having an affair with a married man — a married man who just happens to be Gwen Stefani’s husband.Spilling the beans on the no-holds-barred Howard Stern Show on Monday, the Hole rocker said she had a “vision of marrying Gavin Rossdale” during her [...] Continue reading Courtney Love Had An Affair With Gwen Stefani’s Husband, Gavin Rossdale?

Sandra Bullock and Another Reported Mistress

Recently the TMZ.com had reported that a lady named Melissa Smith has faxed a letter to Sandra Bullock this Sunday conveying her apology for her affair with Bullock’s husband, Jesse James. The first apology was received from a lady Michelle “Bombshell” McGee who claims to be the first woman to sleep with the Oscar-winning actress’ [...] Continue reading Sandra Bullock and Another Reported Mistress

Larry King Divorced?

Divorces are seldom easy, they may even cause children to go into depression, they also break two people emotionally as well as physically and when the victims are rich and famous, they end up in worst situation. Recently, a divorce case was filed between a 76 year old person Larry King and his seventh wife [...] Continue reading Larry King Divorced?