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Losing Game 2 at home to a team that played four subs nearly the entire fourth quarter should be a strong dose of humility.. “I’m not going to say … Continue reading Mavs aim to take tighter defense to Oklahoma City

Hannah Montana may have made his daughter Miley a household name, but Billy Ray Cyrus says the hit show cost him his happy family life. “The damn show destroyed my family,” the mulleted one told GQ Magazine in a piece for its March issue. Sure enough, his marriage to Miley’s mom Tish was over before […] Continue reading Billy Ray Cyrus Takes Aim At “Hannah Montana” As Dr. Drew Weighs In

Well! Antoine Dodson, the overnight internet sensation behind the hilarious “Bed Intruder” music video, is now singing a song in honor of the most famous “intruder” in the world. On Tuesday, Antoine Dodson appeared on TBS’ Lopez Tonight, where he unveiled what he hopes will become his next viral smash, “Chimney Intruder,” a holiday-themed music […] Continue reading Antoine Dodson “Chimney Intruder” Music VIDEO Takes Aim At Santa!

Singer Taylor Swift has reportedly targeted John Mayer in a new song ”Dear John”, which indicates that the two enjoyed a brief romance that ended on a bad note. The country star is known for writing about her love life in her tracks and had earlier blasted her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas through a song called […] Continue reading Taylor Swift ”takes aim at John Mayer in new song”

CBS’ $hit is in deep doo-doo after courting controversy with the Parents Television Council. The conservative parental watchdog group — which has previously waged war against shows like Gossip Girl and The Simpsons — is threatening a PR nightmare for CBS if it doesn’t change the name of their new fall comedy, $#*! My Dad Says. […] Continue reading Parents Television Council Takes Aim At “$hit My Dad Says”