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Posh ”collapses in airport lift”

Victoria Beckham collapsed in an airport lift hours after celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary with husband David, it has emerged. The former Spice Girl slumped onto the glass-sided lift”s railing. Beckham continued with her flight to London and showed no signs of being unwell as she arrived in Heathrow. “Victoria is fine. She was probably [...] Continue reading Posh ”collapses in airport lift”

Lady Gaga Detained By Airport Security

Sensible shoes are always a good idea on international flights. Pop sensation Lady Gaga — who is as well known for her anklebreaking stompers and other outlandish articles of clothing as she is for her charttopping hits — was targeted by airport security while passing through London’s Hearthrow Airport on Friday. Transportation officials were reportedly [...] Continue reading Lady Gaga Detained By Airport Security

159 passengers have died today when a state-of-the-art Air India Express plane crash landed at the Mangalore’s Baje airport. The plane overshot the runway when it was trying to land.
According to Air India personnel director Anup Shrivastava, “As far as the information available with us is concerned, eight persons were rescued and shifted [...] Continue reading 159 people killed as plane crash landed at Mangalore airport

Katrina’s another risky encounter

How far a celebrity can actually go into the crowd when there may be security risk to life? In these days of risky streets in the cities, no one with huge fan following will in right senses will take the tour on own will. But Katrina Kaif did just like that when she was on [...] Continue reading Katrina’s another risky encounter

Two dogs belonging to stars John Travolta and Kelly Preston were run over and killed on the runway of Bangor International Airport in Maine after the family’s private jet landed there last Thursday.A service vehicle at the airport struck and killed The Travoltas’ dogs as the pets were being walked, according to airport officials. The [...] Continue reading John Travolta Dogs Killed In Airport Accident