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Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec implored the crowd at PaleyFest on Saturday night to honor the “circle of trust” after they were treated to an advance screening of the March 15 episode, “1912.” So while we’re inclined to honor the request, the cast was nice enough to give a few teases while on the red carpet… Continue reading ‘The Vampire Diaries’ cast teases Alaric twist, Originals’ ‘appetite for destruction,’ and more love triangle action — EW VIDEO

The typical mythological viking is a violent warrior… so it should come as no surprise to “Vampire Diaries” fans that the Original vampire family were vikings, who settled in the U.S. about a thousand years ago. Where in the U.S., exactly?

Mystic Falls, of course. This town is ground zero for supernatural mayhem.

In this new clip from Thursday’s episode, Alaric (Matt Davis) deciphers the viking hieroglyphics he found inside the… Continue reading 'The Vampire Diaries': Alaric deciphers the cave-art, plus hiatus details

He’s been off-screen on Jenna Watch for much of season 2, but Alaric (Matt Davis) will finally get his fair share of screen time next week when he attends the ’60s Decade Dance possessed by Klaus. Producers always knew they’d want to take their time before they introduced Klaus (Joseph Morgan). They actually started the season

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