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morgan freeman1 150x150 Twitter hoax kills very much alive Morgan FreemanThough Morgan Freeman is alive and well, fans of the actor were sent into a panic when a rumour rocketed across the Internet on Thursday that CNN had reported his death. The star died on Thursday — not in real life, but according to a Twitter hoax that duped countless users, reports the New York [...] Continue reading Twitter hoax kills very-much alive Morgan Freeman

Ozzy Osbourne thankful to be alive

With its 1970 self-titled debut, England’s Black Sabbath invented heavy metal. Yes, one can trace genealogical lines back to Blue Cheer, Cream, Led … Continue reading Ozzy Osbourne thankful to be alive

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart will hold a rally on the National Mall next month designed to “restore sanity” as his Comedy Central partner Stephen Colbert holds an opposing march to “Keep Fear Alive.” The satirist made the announcement on his show Thursday, hot on the heels of the Aug. 28 “Restoring Honor Rally” on the [...] Continue reading Stewart & Colbert Will Host “Restore Sanity”/”Keep Fear Alive” Rallies In Washington Oct. 30

Grace Kelly’s classic style comes alive in London

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – You’d better hurry if you want to see the hats, shoes, dresses and immaculate gloves that were an essential element of the style which made Grace Kelly a fashion beacon for mi Continue reading Grace Kelly's classic style comes alive in London

The mystery of why Ozzy Osbourne has survived years of drug and alcohol abuse may finally be busted – the former Black Sabbath star is set to have his full genome sequenced.
Ozzy’’s genome could not only reveal vital information that may come handy in the prevention of diseases but also shed light into the ways [...] Continue reading Ex-addict Ozzy’’s genome map to reveal why he’’s still alive