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susan-lucci-amc-abc.jpgUp until this point, Susan Lucci has been quite the team player when it comes to “All My Children’s” rough journey over the past couple of years.

Well, no more. According to the New York Post, the actress who has starred on the ABC soap opera for over 40 years has had enough. She’s reportedly adding an epilogue for the paperback edition of her book… Continue reading Susan Lucci gets last word on 'All My Children' demise

It’s a question fans of the indie horror film have been asking since it first arrived on the festival circuit back in 2006. Jonathan Levine’s debut film, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, has run into one roadblock after another while on its way to theaters, but in the years since its initial premiere the little horror flick has amassed a very faithful fanbase… Continue reading Jonathan Levine Updates Us on 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane': Will We Ever See It?

When most of us plan a hoax, it’s pretty small, like tricking our office mates into thinking the printer is voice activated. Others? They think bigger. They fools newspapers, nations, […] Continue reading 19 Of The Ballsiest Hoaxes Of All Time

After piquing the interest of the public at Prince William and Princess Catherine’s April nups, “Pippa Fever” is showing no signs of calming down. Now even TV Queens Oprah Winfrey, […] Continue reading Barbara Walters, Oprah, Justin Timberlake All Want A Piece Of Pippa Middleton

Newly weds William and Kate had a pre-wedding glow as they grace the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair, and RadarOnline.com has a sneak peak of the never-before-seen image.
Shot last November as they prepared for their wedding extravaganza April 2… Continue reading William & Kate All Smiles In Never-Before-Seen Engagement Photo