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More controversy for Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut: A Croatian journalist is reportedly suing her for stealing the plot of ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ from his 2007 novel. According to RadarOnline.com, James J. Braddock (aka Josip J. Knezevic) says that Jolie — who wrote and directed the film — stole the idea from his book, ‘The Soul Shattering.’ He’s set up a website detailing… Continue reading Angelina Jolie Sued For Allegedly Stealing the Plot of Her New Movie: Report

Already serving time in jail for raping and torturing a woman, 40-year-old actor Joseph Hyungmin Son is the top suspect in the murder of his 50-year-old cellmate. Son — who starred as Random Task in ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,’ a play on the ‘Goldfinger’ character Odd Job — was sentenced to life in prison last month after being convicted of felony torture, a charge that stemmed… Continue reading Jailed 'Austin Powers' Actor Allegedly Killed Cellmate

The timeline between events fits a little snugly, and the duo have been hounded by rumors that their affair began during the filming of ‘Dream House’ — and before Weisz’s engagement to Aronofsky was officially over. As shocking as it may seem, this is actually old hat for Hollywood, and now Daniel Craig has a lot more in common with Clark Gable than he may realize. To celebrate Tinseltown’s grand… Continue reading Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Other Co-Stars Who (Allegedly) Had Affairs on Set

Freddie Prinze Jr. is being sued for allegedly crashing his famous wife’s car into the back of another vehicle — and other driver clams he was… Continue reading Freddie Prinze Jr. Is a Real Pain in the Neck ... Allegedly

Jennifer Aniston has experienced worse things at the salon than being asked if she’d like “The Rachel” (no, that particular fate is just for us … Continue reading Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway and more allegedly scammed by salon