Google opens online store for Android users

google1In an effort to compete with the rival Apple in the wireless sector, search engine giant Google has launched a new online store of advanced software applications that run on mobile phones powered by Android software. Google’s new online store,, will allow Android users find new applications more easily from their computers, see recommendations

Android phones more popular than iPhones

It looks like Android would quickly move past the iPhone in market share. Android phones are officially more popular with new smart phone consumers than iPhones, according to figures that have just been released by Nielsen Company. Google gives its app developers more freedom than Apple does, and the Android operating system is available from

Droid X a potential competitor to iPhone 4

Motorola Droid X is a much talked about smartphone from Motorola and is considered as the next Android superhone. When compared to fourth generation smartphone, it looks like the superhone has many advantages.
The size of Droid X is bigger than iPhone and its display is 4.4 inches diagonal as compared to the iPhone’s

Samsung announces new line-ups of Galaxy S phone

At the Communication 2010 show in Singapore on June 15, one of the main news from there was that Samsung has announced additions to its Glaxy, Omina and Wave lineups of smartphones. Reports say that the additions have brought forth the commitment of the company towards its open-source Bada plateform and also for its Android