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‘Animal House’ Musical: Production Confirmed, Music By Barenaked Ladies

On the anniversary of John Belushi’s death, many fans are flying their Delta House flag at half staff. But now there’s a sunnier reason to throw on your College tee: an “Animal House: The Musical” is on the way.

Universal Stage Division announced that there’s a “National Lampoon’s Animal House” musical in the works. And if that’s not enough to make you spit chewed-up hard-boiled eggs at everyone, the musical’s score… Continue reading 'Animal House' Musical: Production Confirmed, Music By Barenaked Ladies

Never have the words “puppy breath” reduced me to such a sobby mess. But I dare you not to do the same when watching this exclusive clip from Animal Planet’s Saved, a six-part series (premiering Nov. 14) that highlights the healing power of animals.

The video below tells the story of Justin Rollins, a member of the U.S. Army who was… Continue reading ‘Saved’: Animal Planet series features puppies, a fallen soldier, and a guaranteed good cry — VIDEO

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to let our hair down at Movies.com headquarters and break out all the weird, freaky stuff we’ve been hiding from our parents so they don’t think we’ve gone completely mad. Just don’t tell anyone you got this from us …

While not entirely movie related, these intense close-up shots of animal eyes (from photographer Suren Manvelan) are freaky and awesome, and totally worth staring… Continue reading Freaky Friday Finds: Crazy Animal Eyes, Batman Imposters, 'Die Hard' Dr. Seuss, Kirk Cameron's Sad Birthday and More

Lewis and Simon have nearly 120 trailers from E3 backed up, most of them complete guff, so we’re going to start going through them, picking out specific ones we like. Simon got first pick, so here’s this one.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

‘Zookeeper,’ arriving in theaters today, finally gives audiences the comedy team-up they’ve been demanding for a long time: the portly but spry Kevin James cracking jokes with Bernie, the walking, talking, TGI Friday’s-loving gorilla.

In the movie, James stars as Griffin Keyes, the titular zookeeper caught in a love triangle between Leslie Bibb and Rosario Dawson. Griffin’s track record with women has always been less than stellar — which prompts the… Continue reading The Stars of 'Zookeeper' Trash Talk the Animal Kingdom (VIDEO)