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By Alexis Tereszcuk – Radar Senior Reporter

In the third installment of their first interview since their daughter was acquitted of murdering their granddaughter, Cindy Anthony told Dr. Phil that her husband, George, “absolutely” did not molest their daughter Casey.

“Do you know to the absolute core of your heart that this man never molested your daughter?” Dr. Phil asked Cindy.

“Absolutely.  Because if I knew that he would not be sitting… Continue reading Cindy Anthony Tells Dr. Phil, George ‘Absolutely’ Did Not Molest Casey


By Alexis Tereszcuk – Radar Senior Reporter

Casey Anthony has been ordered by a judge to pay the state of Florida  $ 97,676.98 toward the costs from the investigation into her missing daughter, radio detection and rangingOnline.com has learned.

Orange County Judge Belvin Perry ruled on Thursday that Anthony, 25, must pay the costs since she was convicted of lying about Caylee’s disappearance to law enforcement and causing them to… Continue reading Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay $97,000 To State Of Florida

Anthony Hopkins Finds Solace

September 6, 2011

hopkins solace Anthony Hopkins Finds SolaceAnthony Hopkins is in final negotations to headline New Line Cinema’s Solace, Variety reports.

Originally announced for development in 2008 with Mark Pellington (The Mothman Prophecies, Arlington Road) directing, the project deals with a clairvoyant doctor who is enlisted by the police to help catch a serial killer. Hopkins would play the doctor, John Clancy.

Pellington is no longer attached, but Beau Flynn

 Casey Anthony Back In Florida; Has Met With ‘Spiritual Advisers & Therapists’


By Neil Woulfe – Radar Senior News Director

She’s b-a-a-a-c-k!

Notorious ‘Tot Mom’ Casey Anthony is back in Florida, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is reporting.

Anthony’s lead attorney Jose Baez told Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Sunday night that Casey is back in Florida and ready to report to probation in Orange County, should her appeal be denied.

“She is back in Florida. We brought… Continue reading Casey Anthony Back In Florida; Has Met With ‘Spiritual Advisers & Therapists’

Anthony Bourdain Feuds with Paula Deen

anthony bourdain 440 Anthony Bourdain Feuds with Paula Deen

Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen

Marion Curtis/Startraks, Brian Killian/WireImage

What is it they say about too many cooks?

Clearly the celebrity kitchen’s not big enough for at least