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482471687 Denzel Washington May Star in Antoine Fuquas Magnificent Seven RemakeIt seems that director Antoine Fuqua’s proposed remake of “The Magnificent Seven” is getting a serious dose of star power: Denzel Washington is reportedly interested… Continue reading Denzel Washington May Star in Antoine Fuqua's 'Magnificent Seven' Remake

3092942 Jesse Owens Movie: Antoine Fuqua Set to Direct Biopic About Legendary AthleteCentral Press/Getty Images

African-American athlete Jesse Owens cleared many literal and metaphorical hurdles as a record-setting, barrier-breaking track and field star in the 1930s. Now, the late legend is set to… Continue reading Jesse Owens Movie: Antoine Fuqua Set to Direct Biopic About Legendary Athlete

Antoine Fuqua Eyes The Equalizer

March 21, 2013

fuqua equalizer Antoine Fuqua Eyes The EqualizerHis Olympus Has Fallen hitting theaters tomorrow, Antoine Fuqua is now said to be in talks to take over Columbia Pictures’ upcoming adaptation of The Equalizer. Deadline has the news of the potential match, which would re-team Fuqua with his Training Day star Denzel Washington.

A feature film adaptation of the hit 1980s television series, the original show

Well! Internet sensation Antoine Dodson, who has parlayed a rant against his sister’s would-be rapist into a TV reality show, is enjoying a new gig as a de facto insurance man! The bandanaed Dodson hawks Epic Fail Mutual — insurance which protects people who make jerks of themselves on the Internet — in this new [...] Continue reading Antoine Dodson Epic Fail Mutual Pitchman!

Antoine Dodson Reality Show

He’s climbing through your window and snatching reality TV up! Hide yo’ wives, hide yo’ kids, and hide yo’ TiVos, ‘cause Antoine Dodson’s headed for a network near you. So, “you can tell THAT, homeboy!” Dodson, 24, became an internet sensation when his interview about the attempted rape of his sister in a housing project [...] Continue reading Antoine Dodson Reality Show