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One unknown Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 victim’s privacy was grossly invaded by a U.K. news reporter- on live TV.

During a Sunday afternoon newscast from the Ukrainian crash site, Sky News presenter Colin Brazier was seen rummaging through a slain passenger’s personal belongings.

“We shouldn’t really be doing this, I suppose,” Brazier said as he nonetheless picked up what appeared to be a child’s water bottle, a toothbrush… Continue reading Shameful! U.K. Reporter Rifles Through Dead MH17 Crash Victim’s Luggage, News Station Later Offers Apology

Justin Bieber has made a swift apology following the leak of a sensational video which showed him telling a vile racist joke at age 15.

The pop brat, 20, said late Sunday he’d make the comment as a “kid” — a time when he “didn’t understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt.”

“Five years ago I made a reckless and immature mistake and… Continue reading Pop Brat Justin Bieber Makes Groveling Apology Over Vile N-Word Joke: ‘I’m Very Sorry… I Take My Friendships With People Of All Cultures Very Seriously’

Looks like Michael Bay isn’t sorry after all.

After telling a reporter that he wanted to “apologize for ‘Armageddon’” and that he “would redo the entire third act if [he] could,” Bay backtracked on those comments, claiming they were taken out of context. In a post on his personal online forum titled “I’m Proud Of Armageddon,” Bay put to rest the media’s apparent misperception of his words.

“One press writer has gone… Continue reading Michael Bay Isn't Sorry for 'Armageddon': Director Backtracks on Apology

vanessa bryant 300 A Look Back at Vanessa Bryant’s ‘Apology’ RingGetty Images

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, perhaps Vanessa Bryant will find solace in hers as she works through her divorce from husband Kobe Bryant. The mom of two filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Friday — though the fate of her $ 4 million diamond sparkler, a gift from her soon-to-be ex, is to be determined.

Kobe… Continue reading A Look Back at Vanessa Bryant’s ‘Apology’ Ring

Campbell receives apology over chocolate ad

Images Print Story Published: 6/04 12:05 pm Share Updated: 6/04 12:05 pm . Naomi Campbell has received a public apology from a British chocolate … Continue reading Campbell receives apology over chocolate ad