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Bruce Willis surprised fans at Comic-Con when he popped by the San Diego Convention Centre to thank Sylvester Stallone for casting him in The … Continue reading Bruce Willis appears at Comic-Con

After a rather long break from her regular full shows since long Rock Witchu tour in 2008, Janet Jackson managed to fully cope with her grief after one-year anniversary of her dead elder brother Michael Jackson and gave a solid shaky performance which lasted for 90 minutes. Despite being so busy with filming For Colored […] Continue reading Janet Jackson Comes Back on Stage and Appears at Essence Music Festival

The eyes are shining, her skin is perfectly healthy and glowing, and luckily there were no unpleasant incidents. Amy Winehouse appeared in an absolutely different image in comparison with the well-known to everybody girl who looked constantly troubled in the past. The star was noticed at a London concert of Tony Bennett which took place […] Continue reading Amy Winehouse Appears at Concert in Peaceful Image

This kid definitely inherited his mother’s upturned nose and her adorable features. When the little prince of Jordan, 5-year-old Hashem, was present at his mother’s engagement in Amman, everybody noticed his striking resemblance with Rania, Queen of Jordan. Both son and mother were providing support to King Abdullah, Rania’s husband, during a military pageant dedicated […] Continue reading 5-year-old prince Hashem Appears in Public

Motorola introduced its Droid X which doesn’t have a physical keyboard. It is notable, that this feature will greatly distinguish a new Droid “clever” phone from the rest of Droids. Why did the company make such a sudden move to phones without a keyboard? Here everything is obvious: the phone is equipped with 4.3-inch screen […] Continue reading Droid X Appears without Physical Keyboard: Modern Trend?