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Being an actual housewife isn’t a prerequisite on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and there’s no better example than one of the show’s most controversial castmates, Brandi Glanville.

Unfiltered and often admittedly inebriated, Glanville fast became a Bravo favorite and in a new interview the single mother of two opens up about her years as a housewife, before the glitz and glam of the television… Continue reading Brandi Glanville Says She Was ‘Ghetto Rich’ — Her Job As Eddie Cibrian’s Wife Was To Dish Up Dinner & Look ‘Great On His Arm’

Zuma Rossdale, the two-year-old son of No Doubt star Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin, is recovering after breaking his arm in an accidental fall that his father calls “horrific.” […] Continue reading Gwen Stefani’s Son Breaks Arm In Fall

In a tell-all autobiography, ”Frost French” owner Sadie Frost has finally revealed how postnatal depression drove her to slit her arm with a pair of scissors. The 45-year-old actress-turned-fashion designer had three kids with Hollywood star Jude Law. In her autobiography, titled ”Crazy Days, she revealed how she self-harmed after the birth of their first, […] Continue reading Sadie Frost once slit her arm with scissors, reveals tell-all