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What if Willy Wonka owned a movie theater instead of a candy factory, and one day he decided to pass his business on to one lucky but deserving individual, chosen from a number of passionate movie fans whom he invited to participate in a contest?

That’s sort of the story of Rob Newton, current owner and creative director of… Continue reading How to Win Your Very Own Arthouse Movie Theater

Twitch Film and Movies.com once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best trailers from upcoming international films. Up this week we’ve got the follow up to Fantastic Fest hit New Kids Turbo, a double shot from Denmark, an Indian superhero and impressive arthouse drama from Indonesia.

1. The Dancer by Ifa Isfansyah, Indonesia

We begin in Indonesia with Ifa Isfansyah’s sophomore feature… Continue reading International Trailer Domination Tour: 'New Kids Turbo,' Danish Action, Indian Superheroes and Indonesian Arthouse