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01 EverettCollection Underworld 585 Movie News: Underworld Rebooting; Charlie Hunnam Will Be Guy Ritchies King Arthur; The Pyramid Trailer

Underworld: After four installments, it’s time for a reboot of the Underworld series. The first film, starring Kate Beckinsale and directed by Len Wiseman, was released in 2003, the last (so far) in 2012, and now Lakeshore Entertainment has hired Cory Goodman (Priest, the upcoming The Last Witch Hunter) to write a reimagined version of the vampires vs. werewolves franchise, which has… Continue reading Movie News: 'Underworld' Rebooting; Charlie Hunnam Will Be Guy Ritchie's King Arthur; 'The Pyramid' Trailer

Although many thought the judges would use the save to keep all five girls of the “American Idol” Top 5, that wasn’t the case. Country singer Janelle Arthur ended up on the bottom and was therefore eliminated.

We talked to Janelle right after she got her results. Check out the interview to find out why she expected to go home tonight, what sort of music she plans for the future, and… Continue reading 'American Idol' elimination interview: Janelle Arthur knew she was going home

The Amazing Spider-Man

Typical teenager Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) embraces his incredible destiny after uncovering one of his father’s most car… Read More


Moviefone’s New Release Pick of the Week“The Amazing Spider-Man” (Friday, November 9)What’s It About? Andrew Garfield does whatever a spider can.See It Because: It’s not a flawless movie and it is not different enough from the still-fresh-in-our-minds Sam Raimi trilogy starring Tobey… Continue reading New DVD Blu-Ray: 'Amazing Spider-Man,' 'Arthur Christmas'

Review in a Hurry: Aardman animation, best known for the stop-motion clay adventures of Wallace & Gromit, presents a snazzy 3-D, computer-generated tale that explores how one Santa can deliver all those presents in one night. The answer, in 2011, is that Santa’s son Steve has redesigned the… Continue reading Movie Reviews: Arthur Christmas a Fun and Seriously Fast-Paced Zip Through the Holiday Season

Covert Affairs 320 ‘Covert Affairs’: Peter Gallagher says ‘revealing’ episode proves Arthur is ‘a badass motherf–––er’

Image Credit: Franka Bruns/USA Network

In tonight’s episode of Covert Affairs, Arthur Campbell at the center of the action unlike we’ve seen before.

In the revealing episode, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) revisits his past as a former covert operative, a post he held during the Cold War in Berlin, and finds himself crossing paths with a former flame who betrayed him. “It causes all… Continue reading ‘Covert Affairs’: Peter Gallagher says ‘revealing’ episode proves Arthur is ‘a badass motherf–––er’