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Tina FeyCindy Ord/Getty

Speaking about her 30 Rock makeup artists at Thursday night’s New York Women in Film & Television Designing Women awards, Tina Fey spoke of the ladies’ ability to accomplish, well, anything.

“Over the last six years they’ve turned Tracy Morgan into a werewolf, turned Will Forte into a beautiful Jane Krakowski and they’ve turned Jane Krakowski into no less than three men… Continue reading Tina Fey Honors ’30 Rock’ Makeup Artists for Doing the Impossible

Sundance Dispatch #6: Movies About Sad Artists

As any Sundance veteran can tell you, the best way to start the festival is with a series of movies about depressed artistic types who don’t know what to do with their lives. You have to plan carefully, too, because on average only about 80 of the films that screen here match that description.

I started my 2012 Sundance with This Must Be the Place, Hello

MuchMusic announced the nominees Tuesday for 2011 video awards.. . Pop-rock princess Fefe Dobson and R&B star Shawn Desman, along with pop-rockers … Continue reading Edmonton artists among MMVA nominees

If you’re waiting to upload your iPod or your iTunes list, you’ll want to check out some of the up-and-coming artists for 2011. Here are eight to keep an eye on. 1. Graffiti6 With music featured on top American shows, such as “CSI: New York” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” Graffiti6 is becoming well-known. As the compilation […] Continue reading 8 Up-and-Coming Artists to Watch in 2011

Email Close [X] A dovish U.S. Jewish group says more than 150 American film and theater artists have signed a letter of support for Israeli actors … Continue reading US artists support Israelis' settlement protest