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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is ready to hear the pitter-patter of little feet – much to her family’s surprise.In a sneak preview of the hit Bravo show, the beauty queen, who recently revealed she plans to have a child through in vitro fertilization in 2014, drops the baby bombshell while having her family over for dinner.

When Moore’s aunt Lori asks if she’s… Continue reading Kenya Moore’s Family Shocked Over Baby News: ‘Why Do You Want Children So Badly?’ Aunt Asks

emma roberts prettyEDE0CF Pretty Woman Walking Down The Street! Emma Roberts Pays Homage To Aunt Julias Iconic Role

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By radio detection and ranging Staff

Emma Roberts played tribute to her famous aunt Julia on Friday, by dressing up in her iconic Pretty Woman hooker costume for a Halloween party and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has the photos.

The 22-year-old donned a blonde wig, thigh high boots and mini skirt to perfectly replicate prostitute, Vivian Ward, from the 1990 mega… Continue reading Pretty Woman Walking Down The Street! Emma Roberts Pays Homage To Aunt Julia's Iconic Role

Ivanka Trump and daughter Arabella Rose, on July 19


While handbag designer Vanessa Trump and her husband, Celebrity Apprentice advisor Donald Trump Jr., await the arrival of their new son in eight weeks, their two children are already getting to know their cousin

Martin Sheen and Sally Field in talks for the new Spider-Man film as Uncle Ben & Aunt May. Hollywood icons Sheen, 70, and Field, 64, are in talks to take on the roles of Peter Parker’s beloved relatives in the upcoming Spider-Man prequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ironically, both of the veteran actors are [...] Continue reading Martin Sheen Sally Field As Uncle Ben Aunt May In New “Spider-Man”

”Poker Face” singer Lady Gaga thinks she”s the reincarnated spirit of her dead aunt. The 24-year-old star thinks that her creativity comes from her late aunt Joanne, who transferred her spirit into her mother Cynthia”s womb. “My father”s sister Joanne died when she was 19 and he was 16. And when my mother was engaged [...] Continue reading Lady Gaga believes she”s the reincarnated spirit of her dead aunt