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Whitney Houston’s Family Asks Authorities To Find Out Who Leaked Death Scene Photos

By Jen Heger – Radar Legal Editor

Whitney Houston’s family, spearheaded by her mother, Cissy, is asking law enforcement to look into death scene photos that were leaked to the media in the days after the pop superstar died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, including one pic of her body being wheeled out on the gurney in a body bag, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

A few days after… Continue reading Whitney Houston's Family Asks Authorities To Find Out Who Leaked Death Scene Photos

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By radio detection and ranging Staff

After a week of fruitless searching on land and sea for missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner, authorities in Aruba believe that she will not be found alive.

Prosecutors in the case are diligently gathering enough evidence on prime suspect, and Gardner’s travel partner, Gary Giordano, before he goes before a judge on Monday in order to extend his detainment on the Caribbean… Continue reading Authorities In Aruba Think Missing Tourist Robyn Gardner Is Dead

Sources tell TMZ …. the Medical Board of California will immediately ask the judge in Dr. Conrad Murray’s preliminary hearing to yank his medical… Continue reading Authorities Gunning for Conrad Murray's License

It’s true: Paris Hilton was “treated differently” during her brief stint in a Las Vegas jail following a cocaine bust last month, but it wasn’t for her safety, officials say. On Aug. 27, Hilton was arrested alongside boyfriend Cy Waits for cocaine possession after .08 grams of cocaine was discovered in her handbag. But authorities in […] Continue reading Paris Hilton “Treated Differently” By Las Vegas Authorities

South African authorities say they are now in possession of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s so-called ‘blood diamonds’. According to the Daily Mail, The Hawks, South Africa’s elite police investigation unit, seized the diamonds from the home of Jeremy Ractliffe, the onetime director of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and has launched a criminal investigation against him. […] Continue reading South African authorities seize Naomi Campbell ”blood diamonds”