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Vidya in bolder avatar in ‘Dirty Picture’

vidya balan97345646 150x150 Vidya in bolder avatar in ‘Dirty Picture’Bollywood actress Vidya Balan says the audience will see her in a “bolder avatar” in the upcoming movie “Dirty Picture”. “It doesn’t get bolder than this,” said Vidya. The movie is based on the life of Silk Smitha, one of the most popular sex sirens of the mid eighties in the South Indian film industry. [...] Continue reading Vidya in bolder avatar in ‘Dirty Picture’

This give new meaning to the expression “What in Blue Hell?!” Headturning actress AnnaLynne McCord, who plays Naomi on The CW’s teen soap 90210, was photographed on the streets of LA’s Westlake neighborhood Monday shooting scenes for the hit show dressed a character from James Cameron’s Avatar. In an episode of 90210 set to air [...] Continue reading AnnaLynne McCord “Avatar” Costume “90210″ Set

“Avatar” Most-Pirated Movie Of 2010

Avatar is no longer just the highest-grossing film in cinema history — the movie is now the most-pirated film of 2010! James Cameron’s record-setting blockbuster, the year’s fast-selling Blu-ray, was downloaded from torrent websites over 16 million times according to TorrentFreak. That figure represents a 33 percent increase in downloads from last year’s most pirated [...] Continue reading “Avatar” Most-Pirated Movie Of 2010

Cameron penning ‘Avatar’ Bible

James Cameron 150x150 Cameron penning ‘Avatar’ BibleAcclaimed Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron is currently writing an “Avatar” Bible on which he will base the script for the sequel to his blockbuster 3D sci-fi epic adventure movie. Sam Worthington who played the lead Jake Sully in the first movie has confirmed work has begun on the “Avatar” follow-up, with director Cameron writing a [...] Continue reading Cameron penning ‘Avatar’ Bible

Oscar-winning lensman James Cameron has agreed to direct back-to-back sequels to his sci-fi epic Avatar, Twentieth Century Fox Films confirmed on Wednesday. Cameron, who had been enticed by other projects such as a Cleopatra remake starring Angelina Jolie, in recent months will instead making taking fans back to Pandora his top priority, the studio says. [...] Continue reading “Avatar” Sequels Set For Release 2014 & 2015