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bellflower2 1312493768 Bellflower Director Evan Glodell on Building His Own Cameras and That Awesome Fire Breathing Car
Pre-release buzz on the apocalyptic indie ‘Bellflower’ has either centered on its being made for the staggeringly small sum of $ 17,000 or its awesome, fire-breathing “Medusa” car.

Evan Glodell not only wrote, directed and stars in the film, he also built the cameras that give it its unique, grungy aesthetic. He also built the Medusa car, which is where most of that… Continue reading 'Bellflower' Director Evan Glodell on Building His Own Cameras and That Awesome Fire-Breathing Car

First we had kids making nice with big bad aliens in ‘Super 8,’ then we had some buckaroos breaking out their lassoes and wrangling ‘em some outer-space invaders in ‘Cowboys & Aliens’, and here we are with our third movie of the year about extraterrestrials screwing things up for us humans in ‘Attack the Block.’ It’s the least publicized of the three, there’s a good chance you haven’t even heard… Continue reading 'Attack the Block' Review: If Only Every Alien Invasion Was This Awesome

VIDEO: Cameron Diaz: ‘Weed Is Awesome!’

By Radar Staff
Bob Marley would have been proud.
Actress Cameron Diaz, promoting her new film Bad Teacher on Tuesday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, had this message to share with America: “Weed is Awesome!”
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D… Continue reading VIDEO: Cameron Diaz: 'Weed Is Awesome!'

w12583 260x195 Awesome   Move Applications Between PC and Phone by taking a Picture!Move

This is simply awesome. Tsung-Hsiang Chang who is a graduate student at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab along with Yang Li who is a Google employee have developed an application that lets users transfers the state of an application from a computer…


The actress says her new Pomeranian is helping her overcome the death of her puppy… Continue reading Amanda Bynes: 'Replacement Pup' Tiara Is Awesome