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Good Girl Gone Bad, by Rihanna

On her third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad, Barbados beauty Rihanna proves “Umbrella” was no one hit wonder.. . . . Teaming with today’s hottest… Continue reading Good Girl Gone Bad, by Rihanna

Chile miner to run NY Marathon despite bad knee

“I never thought I would make it to this marathon,” Pena told a packed press conference after arriving in New York ahead of the big race. “I wanted to show that yes, you can.”Pena’s determination to k Continue reading Chile miner to run NY Marathon despite bad knee

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to talk about Hollywood bad girls, there was likely none “badder” than Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Shannen Doherty. From getting booted from the cast of the Aaron Spelling soap to her shortlived whirlwind marriage to actor Ashley Hamilton, Shannen built an ugly reputation as a petulant brat that precedes [...] Continue reading Shannen Doherty: “I’ve Got Nothing On The Bad Girls Of Today!”

Kim Kardashian has blamed reality TV career for her bad love life. “It”s definitely hard to date when you live your life on a reality show,” Us Magazine quoted Kardashian, 29 who is shooting ‘Kim and Kourtney Take New York’, as telling USA Today. “How do you say to someone, ”Hey, are you cool with [...] Continue reading Kim Kardashian blames reality TV career for bad love life

For months, Courtney Love has used the wonders of social networking — combined with some very unique grammar (We blame the American education system…) — to tell anyone who’ll listen that the days of her nostrils resembling the inside of one of Paris Hilton’s handbags are behind her. But the Hole songstress is going to [...] Continue reading Courtney Love Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” Cover