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For months, Courtney Love has used the wonders of social networking — combined with some very unique grammar (We blame the American education system…) — to tell anyone who’ll listen that the days of her nostrils resembling the inside of one of Paris Hilton’s handbags are behind her. But the Hole songstress is going to […] Continue reading Courtney Love Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” Cover

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a man of many talents. The former star of TV’s 3rd Rock from the Sun — who also appeared in this summer’s psychological thriller Inception — performed his own rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” during hitRECord’s Summer in the City show in Los Angeles over the weekend. How’d he do?! Continue reading Joseph Gordon-Levitt Covers Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

Around about 1980, Hollywood movies either fell into decline or became awesome. And where you stand in that debate might have as much to do with … Continue reading The Expendables has thrown cinema back to the bad old days of muscle-bound 1980s bombast

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, The SwitchReview in a Hurry: For a movie that’s supposed to be filled with sympathetic, lonely people, it’s tough to care whether Wally (Jason Bateman) and Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) hook up in the…

Paris Hilton to vigorously defend bad hair day

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Many people have bad hair days, but one that cost $35 million? Not even Paris Hilton could do that — at least, that’s what she says.Lawyers for the hotel heiress and socialite Continue reading Paris Hilton to vigorously defend bad hair day