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bryan cranston breaking bad 508 Breaking Bad midseason finale   Gliding Over All: Just when Walt thought he was out ...The final “Breaking Bad” of 2012 was filled with powerful images — Skyler’s giant pile of money, Jesse breaking down after Walt visits, the prison-execution montage — and callbacks to previous episodes. In that way it felt very much like a finale.

But it’s not, really, and the way “Gliding Over All” ends illustrates the problem with splitting up the show’s final run the way AMC… Continue reading 'Breaking Bad' midseason finale - 'Gliding Over All': Just when Walt thought he was out ...

karina smirnoff 300 J.R. Martinez: This Was My Bad Week on Dancing with the Stars

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff

Allen Berezovsky/FilmMagic

Despite J.R. Martinez’s consistent charm and fancy footwork on Dancing with the Stars, on Monday even the

Jack puss in boots Dialogue: Billy Bob Thornton on His Insecurities, Revisiting Bad Santa and Constantly Searching for the Old DaysLooking at his eclectic filmography, not to mention the legion of interviews where he’s said and done so many unpredictable things, it’s easy to assume that Billy Bob Thornton is an eccentric, and more than that, intimidating guy. Sitting down with him at the Los Angeles press day for Puss in Boots, however, Thornton exuded charm, intelligence and gentility, even when he talked about his insecurities… Continue reading Dialogue: Billy Bob Thornton on His Insecurities, Revisiting 'Bad Santa' and Constantly Searching for the Old Days

Got to love those Brits. Even as he’s meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron about the News of the World scandal, phone hackee Hugh Grant is as charmingly self-deprecating as always. Asked by the Guardian if he’s wasted his life by just now turning political at the age of 51, the actor joked, “You are right. I have squandered my life.” He added that instead of advocating for press accountability… Continue reading Hugh Grant Calls Himself a 'Bad Actor' Who 'Squandered His Life'

breaking bad cornered1 Breaking Bad: 4 things to look for in CorneredThe marketing tagline for “Breaking Bad’s” fourth season was “Walt is not in danger. He is the danger.”

Going into Sunday’s (Aug. 21) episode, “Cornered,” it seems fair to ask, “A danger to whom?” The strain Walt (Bryan Cranston) has been under over the first five episodes this season has been unrelenting, and it doesn’t get any easier in this week’s show. A few things… Continue reading 'Breaking Bad': 4 things to look for in 'Cornered'