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The last season of Mob Wives was a roller coaster ride for founding cast member Drita D’avanzo, who switched up her role from throwing fists to playing the mediator of the group — and to top things off, she rekindled her troubled marriage with former “street guy” husband, Lee D’avanzo.

RadarOnline.com caught up with the Mob Wives star, and D’Avanzo shared in an exclusive interview about where this past season of… Continue reading Badass ‘Mob Wives’ Star Drita D’Avanzo Is Putting Down Her Fists So She Doesn’t End Up Like Co-Star Renee Graziano: I Fought My Whole Life, It’s Not Worth It

The Guest 2 The Guest Review: From the Makers of Youre Next Comes The Ultimate Badass 80s Movie

As a family of four mourn the loss of their soldier son, a clean-cut, Gosling-faced stranger arrives at their front door claiming to be his best friend and fellow soldier. He’s there because he says it’s his duty; that he promised his buddy he’d let his family back home know that his final words included messages of love to his mother, father, sister and little… Continue reading 'The Guest' Review: From the Makers of 'You're Next' Comes The Ultimate Badass '80s Movie

M8DCAAW FE002 H Tom Hanks Has Secretly Become a BadassEverett

For 20 years, audiences have viewed Tom Hanks as a nice, average Everyman. Older audiences may remember that he got his start as a drag comic and childlike goofball. Either way, it may come as a shock to think of… Continue reading Tom Hanks Has Secretly Become a Badass

8 Badass Superhero Vehicles (PHOTOS)

superhero vehicles 8 Badass Superhero Vehicles (PHOTOS)Getty

What’s a superhero without his (or her) super-charged vehicle?

This week, Wolverine, that mysterious, ageless X-man with the adamantium claws, returns to theaters in “The Wolverine,” a Japan-set tale of revenge and redemption. If it’s one thing that Wolverine loves, even more than his beloved Jean Grey, it’s his ride — whether it’s two wheels or four, Wolverine is something of a gear head. Sure… Continue reading 8 Badass Superhero Vehicles (PHOTOS)

By Debbie Emery – Radar Reporter

Her mom posed naked and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair, and her dad scaled buildings shooting machine guns in Die Hard, but Scout Willis has proved she is the real bad-ass in the family with a provocative new photo shoot.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s 20-year-old daughter can been seen posing bare ass in chaps on the back of a motorcycle for an artistic series… Continue reading Demi Moore's Daughter Scout Willis Is A Real Bad-Ass In New Photo Shoot