Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Leaves Reality Star Bald & Disfigured: “I

Heidi Montag’s cash-strapped and crying…again. The self-confessed surgery-addict says going under the knife has ruined her life — in fact, she hates being labeled a “plastic girl” almost as much as we hate talking about her. Almost… The attention-seeking reality “star” copped a lot of press this year for inflicting 10 cosmetic procedures on her

Kayla Martell, Bald Miss Delaware, Brings National Attention To Alopecia

“I think I can be a better Miss Delaware and Miss America by taking the wig off, because it shows people the initial reaction that I am healthy and I’m fine. All we do is we lose our hair, right?” America’s First State has crowned a bald beauty. Kayla Martell won the coveted titled in the 2010