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Photo: Laura Dern in ‘Enlightened.’ Credit: HBO.

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to return nomination ballots, EW.com is running a series called Emmy Watch, featuring highlight clips and interviews with actors, producers, and writers whom EW TV critic Ken Tucker has on his wish list for the nominations announcement on July 19.

The first time you see… Continue reading Emmy Watch: Laura Dern on channeling Lucille Ball in HBO’s ‘Enlightened’

The Vampire Diaries: The Bluest Ball (PHOTO RECAP)

The Vampire Diaries S03E14: “Dangerous Liaisons”

You know what they say: When one ship sinks, another ship rises to take its place. It’s just the Circle of Ships. Hakuna-mashippa.

You guys, “Dangerous Liaisons” was one of those episodes The Vampire Diaries does so well: an absolutely pulse-pounding hour in which very little actually happens. Seriously! Write it out on paper: The Originals threw a party, Matt broke his hand, and then Damon… Continue reading The Vampire Diaries: The Bluest Ball (PHOTO RECAP)

Remodeled Deserves the Wrecking Ball

Okay, it’s not like any of us had high hopes for Remodeled, The CW’s new modeling reality show whose main distinction is not being America’s Next Top Model. But the basic premise had the potential to be fun: “Super agent” Paul Fisher travels to different struggling agencies within his “Network,” Tabatha’s Salon Takeover-style, in order to fix them. (First up: a small agency with big problems!) Meanwhile, some of The… Continue reading Remodeled Deserves the Wrecking Ball

The Secret Circle: Tether Ball

Quick tip for those of you teens who are dealing with supernatural situations in your small towns: Don’t go to school dances, ever. That is where all the bad stuff happens! Next time you see a poster for an awkwardly themed dance, just book a room at the Travelodge for that night and just wait it out. Trust me.

Unfortunately the teens of Chance Harbor don’t have that kind of foresight… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Tether Ball

‘New Year’s Eve’ was supposed to bring the party this weekend, but it played more like a New Year’s Day hangover. It mustered an estimated $ 13.7 million, about half what it was expected to earn. Still, on one of the most lackluster box office weekends all year, that was enough for a victory.

‘New Year’s Eve’ was director Garry Marshall’s follow-up to his similar holiday-themed, all-star ensemble romantic comedy ‘Valentine’s… Continue reading Weekend Box Office: 'New Year's Eve' Drops the Ball, Wins Anyway