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There’s a reason “mo’ money, mo’ problems” is an expression. And Chris Pratt is starting to feel the weight of it.

As the superhero star enjoys life in the celebrity fast lane as a result of his success from Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy, there are some people who are still struggling – his family.

A source tells Star magazine that Pratt is starting to feel the pressure… Continue reading As Chris Pratt’s Fame Grows, His Family’s Bank Accounts Shrink – Why Source Claims Chris Pratt ‘Feels Pressure’ To Bail Out Family

Apollo Nida isn’t the only Real Housewives of Atlanta star facing allegations of fraud. His wife, Phaedra Parks, has been slammed by accusations from former friend Angela Stanton, who claimed that Parks was a “crooked snake” who oversaw a fake check and fraud ring several years ago in the book Lies of a Real Housewife. Parks sued Stanton for defamation after the book was published. But now, even… Continue reading Bad Checks, Fake Bank Accounts & Stolen Cars: Inside Claims That Phaedra Parks Oversaw ‘Criminal Enterprise’ – So Scandalous, She Sued! 

Bank Foreclosing On Jailed O.J. Simpson’s House

oj simpson house Bank Foreclosing On Jailed O.J. Simpsons House

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By radio detection and ranging Staff

JP Morgan Chase has started the foreclosure process against O.J. Simpson’s Florida home, but there’s just one problem. According to court records, the bank’s process server has made repeated attempts to serve the former football great and actor at the house!

Note to Chase: O.J. Simpson is in prison! Try serving him at 1200 Prison… Continue reading Bank Foreclosing On Jailed O.J. Simpson's House

gingers 10 Redheaded Actors Who Shouldnt Be Discriminated by the Worlds Biggest Sperm Bank

The world’s largest sperm bank has just set a no-redheads policy by banning all red-haired donors from their gene pool. Well, we’re not down with that kind of ginger bashing, even if clients routinely prefer dark-haired donors. In response, here’s Moviefone’s list of the hottest redheaded actors in Hollywood.

In this week’s column, we highlight two coming-of-age films, question distribution strategies, consider national conflicts, and watch rival robbers in (hopefully) hilarious action.


New Distribution Deals

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