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TBS just picked up a new Tyler Perry comedy series — and announced that another will end its run. After five successful years on the network, Perry’s groundbreaking cable sitcom House of Payne is concluding after 222 episodes. To help replace the show, TBS has picked up a new Perry comedy, For Better or Worse,  ‘House of Payne’ ending; TBS orders new Tyler Perry comedy series based on movie

Crystal Clear Picture:

The release of American security contractor Raymond Davis, who killed two men in Lahore, is understood to have been based on a clandestine deal between Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and the CIA, a media report said Thursday.

A court in Lahore Wednesday acquitted Davis after payment of “blood money” as compensation to relatives of the victims. A US Air Force plane carrying 12 men, perhaps including Davis, later took off from… Continue reading Davis’s release based on ISI-CIA secret deal: Report

A new history of the Secret Intelligence Service has revealed that one of James Bond’s most famous scenes was inspired by the wartime exploits of an MI6 spy. The moment when the fictional spy emerges from the water in a wetsuit and plants explosives before unzipping the suit to reveal a spotless dinner suit really [...] Continue reading James Bond ‘based on real life MI6 special agent’

Rapper Dr Dre has revealed that he has dedicated his soon-to-be released album to planets in the Solar System. In an interview with Vibe magazine, the musician revealed his desire to produce an instrumental album inspired by Space. “It”s just my interpretation of what each planet sounds like. I”m gonna go off on that. Just [...] Continue reading Dr Dre’s upcoming album based on the sounds of planets

The book that helped make unstable reality personality Danielle Staub one of the most hated women in the Garden State may be getting the television treatment. (Goody! Grabbing popcorn and awaiting the drama….)Backstory: During the first season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, series stars Dina, Caroline, Jacqueline, and Teresa learned of an out-of-print [...] Continue reading Writers Shopping TV Series Based On Book That Exposed Danielle Staub ["Cop Without A Badge"]