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current bw 276x200 Independent Filmmakers: Focus on Your Film, Not Marketing   Baseline Intelligence

Specialty Film Researcher Jeremy Juuso explains why filmmakers shouldn't compromise their vision in favor of attempting to appeal to a broader set of moviegoers.

Y26316 260x195 Fool Your Investor, Fool Yourself   Baseline Intelligence

Independent Film Finance Consultant Louise Levison explains the fundamentals of how to deal with equity investors when raising money for your…

V18277 260x195 Greetings from Cannes   Baseline Intelligence

Veteran Film Distributor Gary Rubin reports from the Cannes Film Festival on the disturbing lack of film acquisitions compared to this year's Sundance.

519zeaE0I5L. SL75  Greetings from Cannes   Baseline IntelligenceStar Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]Star Wars: The Complete Blu-ray Saga will

Veteran Television Executive Jim Romanovich shares a sad story of the dark side of Hollywood.

31vB7NiK2XL. SL75  Jeana: A Hollywood Tragedy   Baseline Intelligence3D Glasses for 3D DVD (3 Pair, Plastic) Extra upgrade AnaglyphThese are high quality plastic framed glasses with hard lenses (not cardboard). The lenses are

V16426 260x195 Winding up, going into the pitch....   Baseline Intelligence

Film Producer, Consultant, and Teacher Norman C. Berns explains why it is critical to approach film investors only after you know how your project will solve their needs.