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Left Behind TrailerIt’s news to no one that Nicolas Cage has a very colorful track record of movie choices, and his latest gig is no exception. The newest, doom-filled trailer for “Left Behind” all but inserts the Academy Award-winning actor into an episode of HBO’s gloomy “The Leftovers.”

“Left Behind,” based on the best-selling Christian book series of the same name… Continue reading The 'Left Behind' Trailer Is Basically 'The Leftovers' Starring Nicolas Cage (VIDEO)

Here’s How the 2012 Grammys Went Down, Basically (PHOTO RECAP)

Guys, everybody’s tired of the Grammys, even the Grammys itself. This year the venerable awards show basically threw in the towel, opting to just give every award to Adele (who deserved them all, but still) while also carting out a bunch of old white dudes your dad used to be really into. You know something’s wrong when the Foo Fighters somehow represent the modern state of rock and roll, and… Continue reading Here's How the 2012 Grammys Went Down, Basically (PHOTO RECAP)

The AmericanReview in a Hurry: If you like beautifully composed, static shots of George Clooney being kinda quiet in Italy, this is your movie. If you were hoping for much else, it ain’t.