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How Much Does It Cost To Be Batman? (PHOTO)

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Batman — you’ve practiced your all-caps “Swear to me!” voice; it’s pretty good — well, think again. There’s more to being Gotham’s hero than a deep delivery. It requires deep pockets, too.

Just to underscore the fact that becoming a superhero is quite difficult, MoneySupermarket has put together an infographic which spells out the cost of being the caped… Continue reading How Much Does It Cost To Be Batman? (PHOTO)

Now that “The Dark Knight Rises” has wrapped Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy in a neat little bow, many are wondering how Warner Bros. will reboot the series without him. Those who have seen the film know it ends with a perfectly logical place to go with the character, but to attempt a full-on franchise reboot they’ll need

Monday, July 16

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Guest Review: A Flawed but Pleasing… Continue reading Best of the Week: Comic-Con and Batman Galore

  • The Bats in “Bats”

    What’s amazing about “Bats,” an overtly earnest 1999 monster movie about genetically modified bats menacing a small Texas town, is that it was written by acclaimed playwright and screenwriter John Logan (“Gladiator,” “Rango,” this winter’s “Skyfall”). However, the problem with the film isn’t so much the screenplay as it is the hammy, chaotic direction of Louis Morneau (yeah, never heard of him either), as well as

  • The biggest movie battle of the summer is a superhero clash of epic proportions. In one corner we have Batman and his feverishly anticipated new movie “The Dark Knight Rises” (in theaters on July 20). In the other corner stands those assembled titans, the Avengers, whose big screen team-up has already amassed $ 1.4 billion in ticket sales.

    Some squares may be content talking about “box office revenue,” but we want… Continue reading How Would Batman Beat The Avengers? You Tell Us, We Draw It