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Movie Review: Yogi Bear Shouldn’t Have Come Out of Hibernation

300.ab.2.Yogi.121410 Movie Review: Yogi Bear Shouldnt Have Come Out of HibernationReview in a Hurry: Hey, Boo Boo! The “smarter than the average bear” with an insatiable appetite for “pic-a-nic” baskets gets a very average big-screen makeover. Little Boo Boos…
 Movie Review: Yogi Bear Shouldnt Have Come Out of Hibernation

Sarah Palin and her family have revealed all about Palin”s favourite political reference point ‘The mama bear’ in a new preview clip for TLC”s “Sarah Palin”s Alaska.” “This is awesome,” CBS News quoted Palin as saying in the clip. “I love watching these mama bears!” The former Alaska governor has famously labeled some of the [...] Continue reading Sarah Palin talks about ‘mama bear’ love on new show

Actress Katie Holmes has been revealed to be considering taking an icy plunge with the Polar Bear Club in Coney Island, New York. Holmes, 31, who stripped off for a swim in her new movie ‘The Romantics’, admits the thrill of hitting the waters wearing nothing but her underwear for a scene in the film [...] Continue reading Katie Holmes considering icy plunge with Polar Bear Club

Hey Facebook, what have you got against teddy bears!?A seemingly-innocent photo of Australian pop star Kylie Minogue holding a big teddy bear has been banned from Facebook. The social networking site apparently thinks the pic is too racy to be seen on the Interwebs. Excuse us, but have you seen the cesspool formerly known as MySpace? The [...] Continue reading Facebook Bans Kylie Minogue Teddy Bear Photo

“Yogi Bear” Trailer

Yogi Bear is coming to the big screen in 3D and we’re getting out first look at the teaser trailer. In theaters everywhere Dec. 17, Yogi Bear features Dan Aykroyd as the voice of Jellystone Park’s most famous troublemaker with Justin Timberlake riding shotgun as Boo Boo, Yogi’s partner-in-crime. Together, the pair embark on scheme-after-scheme [...] Continue reading “Yogi Bear” Trailer