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guardians of the galaxy concept art final The Geek Beat: Why 2014 Will Be a Risky Year for Geeky Movies

Just a month ago, I devoted a column to telling you why 2015 could be the biggest year for geek-friendly movies in Hollywood history. And while all that’s all well and good, a quick look at the slate of movies that will have to tide us over until the greatest year ever begins reveals at least one recurring theme in the 2014 cinematic calendar: next… Continue reading The Geek Beat: Why 2014 Will Be a Risky Year for Geeky Movies

We’ve spent the last month or so talking about Loki’s magnificence, holiday gifts, and why I’m thankful for Michael Fassbender here on The Geek Beat, but lo and behold, the news machine has continued churning out some big stories while we’ve been busy with our weekly geekout sessions.

From wild announcements about Spider-Man’s big-screen future to the latest Disney acquisition that has everyone buzzing, it’s been an eventful… Continue reading The Geek Beat: Spider-Skepticism, Crossover Concerns & More Questions That Bother Us About New Geek Movies

With only a few weeks until Christmas, you’ve no doubt finished up all of the necessary shopping and now find yourself with nothing to do except sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and wait for the big day, right?

Yeah, me neither.

If you’re anything like me, you’re still waiting for that ray of inspiration that will offer up the perfect gift for an uncle, in-law or colleague, and secretly… Continue reading The Geek Beat Presents: Your Ultimate 2013 Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

geek beat man%20of%20steel The Geek Beat: 8 Things To Be Thankful For This Year

With the holidays looming large, ’tis the season for giving thanks – and this year has provided more than a few things to be thankful for if you’re a fan of Hollywood’s geekier side.

Whether it’s original ideas, fresh spins on familiar material, or actors and filmmakers who occasionally seem to know what we want before we know it ourselves, 2013 has been ripe with moments… Continue reading The Geek Beat: 8 Things To Be Thankful For This Year

Last week, I gave you the first half of my list of 10 great “geeky” horror movies, and with Halloween arriving this week, it’s time for the next five films (and two honorable mentions) on that list.

As I wrote in the previous column, the films on this list represent some of my favorite films that fall outside the usual Halloween standards, and whether due to their cast, characters, plot… Continue reading The Geek Beat: 10 Great Geeky Horror Movies, Part Two