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Can “The Dark Knight Rises” possibly match “The Avengers” $ 600 million-plus box office?

According to the LA Times, the final Batman film from Christopher Nolan, which opens July 20, is gonna’ be huge — but not quite Hulk huge. Industry analysts currently have “TDKR” making north of $ 150 million in its first weekend, which would fall short of “The Avengers” record-breaking $ 207.4 million opening. (Although, “Rises” still may… Continue reading Will 'The Dark Knight Rises' Beat 'The Avengers' At The Box Office?

The biggest movie battle of the summer is a superhero clash of epic proportions. In one corner we have Batman and his feverishly anticipated new movie “The Dark Knight Rises” (in theaters on July 20). In the other corner stands those assembled titans, the Avengers, whose big screen team-up has already amassed $ 1.4 billion in ticket sales.

Some squares may be content talking about “box office revenue,” but we want… Continue reading How Would Batman Beat The Avengers? You Tell Us, We Draw It

And “Madagascar 3″ with the upset! Last week, while everyone’s chips were on Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” the animated sequel took out the rest of the competition with $ 60 million in ticket sales.

Will kids flick make it two weekends in a row? Who knows. From”Men In Black” to “Snow White and The Huntsman,” the box office has been quite fickle-hearted as of late. Now, with the

Since “The Avengers” were dethroned, it’s been a bit of a merry-go-round at the box office. “Men in Black 3″ held the top spot for a week, which was then swiftly replaced by “Snow White and The Huntsman.”

Now, the highly anticipated “Prometheus” hits theaters. Could “SWATH” suffer the same fleeting box-office glory as “MIB 3″? Will “Prometheus” finally break the one-week box office streak? Let’s take a look at the… Continue reading New Releases: Will 'Prometheus' Beat Out 'Snow White And The Huntsman'?

prometheusimage Three Prometheus Trailers Drop and They will Blow You Away    Is This the Summer Film to Beat?

Three trailers for Prometheus have dropped online today in the thick of WonderCon festivites – two of which are new plot-heavy theatrical trailers and the other a briefer IMAX trailer — and all three do a tremendous job of sucking you into its freaky alien world, gripping and pulling at your attention more than any sci-fi film in recent years. These promos are just intense. Brutal intensity that… Continue reading Three 'Prometheus' Trailers Drop and They will Blow You Away -- Is This the Summer Film to Beat?