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For%20Lovers%20Only%20(220%20x%20334) For Lovers Only  Demonstrates No Budget Films Can Become Hits in the Internet AgeAs the technology to make films becomes ever cheaper, and avenues of distribution for indie projects expands, it seems likely that movie fans will encounter an increasing number of movies made well outside the Hollywood system. We’ve seen under-the-radar hits in recent years – from Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi to The Blair Witch Project on to recent sensation Paranormal Activity – but those films still eventually… Continue reading 'For Lovers Only'  Demonstrates No-Budget Films Can Become Hits in the Internet Age

300px clockwork ludovico techniqu Movies That Should Never Become Theme Park RidesWhen the first ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was announced in 2002, we were skeptical at the notion of a movie based on a theme park ride. Three sequels and several billion dollars later, we admit we were wrong.

With yesterday’s announcement of a Matterhorn film (based on the popular Disneyland coaster), and with the upcoming ‘Haunted Mansion’ and ‘Magic Kingdom’ now in production, it would appear this “look to… Continue reading Movies That Should Never Become Theme Park Rides

Folks, things are just turning up Woody these days and he absolutely earned it.

From its hugely successful opening weekend on May 20 to the rave reviews it’s been getting across the board ever since, the indie crowd-pleaser ‘Midnight in Paris’ is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with and it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of stopping. Box office observers are now saying that by tonight or tomorrow… Continue reading 'Midnight in Paris' On Track to Become Woody Allen's Highest-Grossing Film of All-Time

The congressman has asked for a leave of absence from Congress, his rep says… Continue reading Anthony Weiner to Seek Treatment to Become a 'Better Husband'

Tonight marks the return of  A&E’s answer to summer TV, and after a 13-episode first season, fans can expect more of what they grew to love about The Glades, says the shows Aussie star Matt Passmore, who plays transplant Det. Jim Longworth. “I think the show is nice, light, and escapist. It’s got a fun  Matt Passmore on season 2 of ‘The Glades’: ‘The danger’s become more immediate’