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noah ps 5 Box Office Report: Noah Rides Wave To #1 While Schwarzenegger Is Left BehindHere’s your 3-day box office returns (new releases bolded):

1. Noah – $ 44.0 million ($ 44.0 million total)

2. Divergent – $ 26.5 million ($ 95.2 million total)

3. Muppets Most Wanted – $ 11.3 million ($ 33.2 million total)

4. Mr. Peabody & Sherman – $ 9.5 million ($ 94.9 million total)

5. God’s Not Dead – $ 9.0 million ($ 22.0 million total)

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

box%20office%20gods%20not%20dead Box Office: Whats Behind the Surprising Success of Gods Not Dead?Take that, Friedrich Nietzsche.

The biggest surprise this weekend at the box office was not the success of “Divergent,” which was widely expected to be the far-and-away frontrunner (and was, with an estimated $ 55.0 million). Nor was it the weak opening of “Muppets Most Wanted” (debuting at No. 2, with an estimated $ 16.5 million). Rather, it was the movie that… Continue reading Box Office: What's Behind the Surprising Success of 'God's Not Dead'?

con%20artist%20christian%20bale%20american%20hustle Heres the Real Con Artist Behind Christian Bales American Hustle Character (VIDEO)Christian Bale’s epic comb-over in “American Hustle” deserves its own special Oscar, but if you’re curious whether his character’s real-life counterpart had such bad hair — now you can see for yourself!”60 Minutes” released a 1981 interview with Mel Weinberg, the con artist who was the basis for the Oscar-nominated Bale’s character Irving Rosenfeld.

Weinberg was at the heart of the FBI’s… Continue reading Here's the Real Con Artist Behind Christian Bale's 'American Hustle' Character (VIDEO)

Cynthia Bailey‘s husband Peter Thomas became the latest cast member of Real Housewives of Atlanta to be named in a lawsuit last week, when radio detection and ranging reported that he was being sued by his landlord for nearly $ 100,000 in unpaid back rent. At the time, Thomas insisted it was only a “misunderstanding,” but now, he’s offering up an explanation: According to Thomas, he has always… Continue reading Excuses, Excuses: RHOA’s Peter Thomas Claims He’s Not Behind On His Rent — But His Landlord IS!

all hail the king Drew Pearce Explains the Tone Behind Mission: Impossible 5 and the Christopher McQuarrie Touch

Drew Pearce is having a very, very busy career of late. He cowrote Iron Man 3 with Shane Black, and also wrote and directed All Hail the King, a new Marvel One Shot that fans can see when they buy Thor: The Dark World (either as a digital download or on the Blu-ray/DVD). In his short film, Pearce offers fans a further look at one… Continue reading Drew Pearce Explains the Tone Behind 'Mission: Impossible 5' and the Christopher McQuarrie Touch