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Kelly tired of Beyonce comparison

Kelly Rowland is tired of being compared to Beyonce Knowles.. . The Commander hitmaker – who rose to fame alongside Beyonce when they were members… Continue reading Kelly tired of Beyonce comparison

Beyonce Almost Run Over By London Taxi

Talk about close encounters of the cab kind! Beyonce Knowles narrowly escaped serious injury after her car door was ripped off by a taxi in the Knightsbridge area of London this week.Gawking shoppers looked on in horror Wednesday afternoon as the singer began exiting her Mercedes in front the world-famous Harrods Department Store only to [...] Continue reading Beyonce Almost Run Over By London Taxi

Beyonce Knowles has reportedly fallen out with her dad and manager, Matthew Knowles. According to sources, the singer was horrified when it was revealed that Matthew fathered a love child with a woman 20 years his junior. Now, Beyonce’s relationship with her father has reached such a low point that executives at her label, Columbia, [...] Continue reading ‘Rift between Beyonce and her dad over his affair’

Beyonce may have energentically challenged bad boyfriends to “Put A Ring On It” for the last time.Word on The Curb has it the Cajun diva is considering putting the kibosh on her now almost-iconic “Single Ladies” routine — which has been mimicked by everyone from Joe Jonas to flash mobbers and random YouTubers since the [...] Continue reading Beyonce Retiring “Single Ladies” Routine?

Man Sues Over Noisy Beyonce VIDEO Shoot

“Why Don’t You Love Me?” Because you’re making too much noise! A man who lived across the street from the Hollywood Hills video shoot for Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” is suing the singer for nuisance and trespassing, claiming his privacy was invaded by unnecessary noise and crowds when the shoot arrived in his [...] Continue reading Man Sues Over Noisy Beyonce VIDEO Shoot