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Biggest Loser Winner Is Revealed!

Find out which contestant lost the most weight and grabbed the season 11 title… Continue reading Biggest Loser Winner Is Revealed!

Anna Kournikova Will Join The Biggest Loser

The tennis star will replace trainer Jillian Michaels, who is leaving the show… Continue reading Anna Kournikova Will Join The Biggest Loser

anna kournikova biggest loser Anna Kournikova: Biggest Losers Next Trainer!

Anna Kournikova has been named the next trainer for the hit NBC reality series, Biggest Loser.

According the the Examiner, NBC plans to make the announcement on the show’s season finale on May 24th.

The 29-year-old Russian tennis star will join current coaches Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel, who both began training contestants on the show this past season. Longtime Biggest

Sydney to get Australia’s biggest brothel

Sydney is poised to get Australia’s biggest brothel, including a wing with two king-sized beds and a pool table in each room for group bookings, a report said Tuesday.A development application has bee Continue reading Sydney to get Australia's biggest brothel

300.prom.cm.42811 Movie Review: Prom Full of Squeaky Clean Fun From High Schools Biggest NightReview in a Hurry: Disney’s Prom is the squeaky-clean romp you’d expect from the Mouse House: no sex, no drugs and rock n’ roll that’s questionable at best. But that’s OK!…