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Sydney to get Australia’s biggest brothel

Sydney is poised to get Australia’s biggest brothel, including a wing with two king-sized beds and a pool table in each room for group bookings, a report said Tuesday.A development application has bee Continue reading Sydney to get Australia's biggest brothel

300.prom.cm.42811 Movie Review: Prom Full of Squeaky Clean Fun From High Schools Biggest NightReview in a Hurry: Disney’s Prom is the squeaky-clean romp you’d expect from the Mouse House: no sex, no drugs and rock n’ roll that’s questionable at best. But that’s OK!…

No one wants to be the first to go, but Tuesday’s eliminated contestant on Dancing with the Stars was all smiles after the show. For more on the amateur hoofer who got the boot, head to the jump… No one needs to tell “Psycho” Mike Catherwood where he probably stands with viewers. But after earning a 13 for last  ‘Dancing with the Stars’ eliminated contestant: ‘I knew coming in I didn’t have the biggest fanbase’

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Last night’s episode of Army Wives that addressed the death of a fallen comrade was one for (the Lifetime) history books: It attracted 4.8 million total viewers, the most-watched episode ever in the series’ history. The episode titled “On Behalf of a Grateful Nation” also lured 3.4 million women and 4.5 million adults over the  ‘Army Wives’ attracts biggest audience ever

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POSTspl252571002 VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Is The Biggest Loser in the World Says Andrew Dice Clay

Controversial comic Andrew Dice Clay is one person who doesn’t think Charlie Sheen is WINNING! In fact he thinks the Two and a Half Men star needs help, and isn’t shy about expressing his opinion.

The Dice Man is infamous for his crude act and rants, but even he is disgusted by Charlie Sheen’s recent antics and RadarOnline.com has video of his expletive-filled rant about the troubled sitcom star.

PHOTOS… Continue reading VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Is 'The Biggest Loser in the World' Says Andrew Dice Clay