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‘Angry Birds’ Movie Flying Our Way in 2016

C520DR Angry Birds Movie Flying Our Way in 2016AP

Duck for cover, little piggies, because “Angry Birds” are coming for you.

The ridiculously popular mobile phone game from Finland is getting the big screen treatment it so richly deserves. Actually, the project has been in the works for a couple of years — back before everyone was Candy Crushing — but it’s only just… Continue reading 'Angry Birds' Movie Flying Our Way in 2016

Review in a Hurry: After movies featuring a dog (Marley & Me) and a bitch (The Devil Wears Prada), director David Frankel turns his eye to the sky with this uneven adventure about birds and fanatical birders—don’t call them “bird watchers”! Considering the high-flying talent attached, The Big

Angry Birds and Star Wars

P14430 260x195 Angry Birds and Star Wars

Angry Birds + Star Wars = awesome!!!

51rB51N e1L. SL75  Angry Birds and Star WarsThe Jensen Project (Blu-ray + DVD + Music CD)3-Disc Bonus Pack includes The Jensen Project on Blu-ray and standard DVD and The Jensen Project Soundtrack CD by Randy Jackson.

Bg8351 260x195 Angry Birds   The Movie! [Trailer Video]

Alright before you get all worked up, its a spoof movie for Angry Birds! Since the game is so big, why not have a movie!? Check out the video …


Monday Crumbs: Toni Braxton Reality Show!

-Actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor, 93, was rushed to the hospital over the holiday weekend complaining of pain from a severe blood clot that’s prompted doctors to consider amputating the lower half of the dame’s right leg. Though she’s battling the onset of gangrene, MDs are trying their best to save Zsa Zsa’s leg. [...] Continue reading Monday Crumbs: Toni Braxton Reality Show!