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y21835 260x195 Blinky: A Twisted Full Evil Bloody Robot

“Blinky” is a wickedly evil 3D animated short horror film by the Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson. The short is shot exceptionally well, and the story is as bloody creepy as it gets. The film tells the story of an angst-ridden young boy, who is trapped in a well-to-do, yet toxic home environment where his parents constantly fight. For Christmas he requests and gets, Blinky, the latest… Continue reading Blinky: A Twisted Full-Evil Bloody Robot

‘Bloody Andrew Jackson’ puts the pop in populism

The first indication that things might get a little weird at “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” is the sight before the show begins of a large… Continue reading 'Bloody Andrew Jackson' puts the pop in populism

Dis bitch krazee…..Notorious drama queen Tila Tequila continues to raise concern for her mental well-being after posting a shocking video to her website on Sunday showing her slashed and bloody forearm and blaming the gory injury on the violent outburst of a clandestine “alter ego.” In a move that proves the trainwreck reality star has been [...] Continue reading Tila Tequila Suicide Attempt? Slashed & Bloody Tila Tequila “Attacked By Multiple Personalities”

Sheesh….the things a guy has to do to get verified on Twitter these days! Twilight star Kellan Lutz appears shirtless drenched in mock blood in a new TwitPic he hopes will get his Twitter account verified. Lutz is pictured holding a bloody-looking sign that reads: “Follow Kellan Lutz @kellanlutz.” “Trying to get verified… hope this [...] Continue reading Kellan Lutz Makes Bloody Request For Twitter Verification

u24190 260x195 Repo Men is a bloody mess...in a good way | Shakefire.com

If you miss payments on your house, the bank takes it. If you miss payments on your car, the bank takes it. Should you miss payments on your organs, well, that’s where The Union comes in.