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o21483 260x195 The New Harry Potter Movie Is Gunna BLOW ... Your Mind (Ep 27)

The Negative – Ep 27 – The New Harry Potter Movie Is Gunna BLOW … Your Mind

The Negative discuss the upcoming Harry Potter film.

Robert Mardis & Trey Stancher
With guest
Shot and edited by Stuart Gould

When Stage Parents Attack: Remember all those public declarations and outbursts Billy Ray Cyrus has been making about the hellraising habits of his out-of-control daughter Miley (perhaps most notably that the success of Disney’s Hannah Montana destroyed his once wholesome clan)? Well, a few Hollywood conspirarcy theorists suspect those rants have more to do with [...] Continue reading Is Billy Ray Cyrus Jealous Of Miley’s Success? “Hannah Montana” Threatening To Blow Whistle On “Hypocrite” Pop

Ke$ha “Blow” VIDEO Premiere

Ke$ha is releasing a new disc — this one titled I Am The Dance Commander + I Commander You To Dance: The Remix Album — on March 22. The set will be the “Tik Tok” star’s first remix album and is set to feature mixes by spinners such as DJ Skeet Skeet, Fred Falke, and [...] Continue reading Ke$ha “Blow” VIDEO Premiere

Troubled Lindsay Lohan has suffered yet another loss – this time it’s a blow in her 40 million dollars lawsuit against E*Trade. In papers filed in Nassau County Supreme Court, the actress is seeking a court order barring the online trading company from ever airing the commercial that featured a talking baby named Lindsay who [...] Continue reading LiLo suffers blow in her $40m lawsuit against E*Trade