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Best of the Week: ‘Fury’ Trailer, ‘Snowpiercer’ Director Bong Joon-ho Interviewed, ‘Predator’ Coming Back, and More

Jun 27, 2014

The Important News

wargames 1983 585 Best of the Week: Fury Trailer, Snowpiercer Director Bong Joon ho Interviewed, Predator Coming Back, and More

Shane Black has been hired to direct a reboot (but possible sequel) to Predator. Speaking of remakes, WarGames has hired a new writer and director. Pacific Rim 2 is definitely happening.

Channing Tatum, Ralph Fiennes

snowpiercer%20ceasefire Snowpiercer: Bong Joon Ho and Harvey Weinstein Reach CeasefireOne of most anticipated films of last year was “Snowpiercer,” the ambitious adaptation of an obscure French comic book by supremely talented South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, who was responsible for genuine masterpieces “Memories of Murder,” “The Host,” and “Mother.” Then… things stalled. The movie, which had a largely English-speaking cast (including Chris Evans, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Octavia Spencer, and Tilda Swinton), was deemed “too… Continue reading 'Snowpiercer': Bong Joon-Ho and Harvey Weinstein Reach Ceasefire

Miley Cyrus Bong For Sale

If Santa didn’t leave that iPod Touch you were hoping for tucked away in your stocking over the holiday season, you’re in luck! There’s still a chance to invest in a gift that will keep on giving. We hear the owner of the smoking glass that Miley Cyrus used while taking a hit of legal [...] Continue reading Miley Cyrus Bong For Sale

Billy Ray Cyrus “so sad” over video of Miley hitting a bong

By Gina DiNunno,. . . TMZ has obtained a video of Miley Cyrus appearing to smoke from a bong and incoherently rambling and giggling.. The video … Continue reading Billy Ray Cyrus "so sad" over video of Miley hitting a bong

miley cyrus 4 150x150 Melissa Gilbert thinks Miley Cyrus wanted bong video to get leakedFormer child star Melissa Gilbert thinks that Miley Cyrus personally wanted her bong video to get leaked. “How high do you have to be to let a friend film you? I think she wanted to get caught,” the New York Daily News quoted her as saying. The “Little House on the Prairie” star also doubted [...] Continue reading Melissa Gilbert thinks Miley Cyrus wanted bong video to get leaked