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High cholesterolMiddle-aged men and women having high cholesterol and high blood pressure may not only be at risk for heart disease, but possibly develop early cognitive and memory problems as well. For the study, 3,486 men and 1,341 women with an average age of 55 underwent cognitive tests three times over 10 years. The tests measured […] Continue reading High cholesterol, BP in mid-age tied to memory problems

Man-made disaster takes top spot on Yahoo’s annual list of top searches, eclipsing celebritiesIt took a man-made disaster to topple a celebrity from the top spot on Yahoo Inc.’s annual list of most po Continue reading BP oil spill swamps Yahoo search engine in 2010

A new study has shown that a short blast of radio waves to the kidneys can help control high blood pressure in patients who do not respond to medication. The pioneering work selectively severs nerves to the kidney that play a key role in regulating blood pressure. Although still in the testing phase, experts say […] Continue reading Short blast of radio waves to kidneys ‘can help control high BP’

Want to keep your blood pressure under control? Start eating dark chocolate, scientists say. It is already known that dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants that are thought to be beneficial to health. Now, a team of researchers in Sweden have revealed that dark chocolate works on the body in the same way as […] Continue reading Dark chocolate can help lower high BP

Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt said he would consider the “death penalty” for the BP executives responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the … Continue reading Brad Pitt would 'consider' death penalty for BP execs over Gulf oil spill